Don’t let cost hold you back. Rebates, tax incentives, financing and even grants are available to help you fund a lighting retrofit. We are trade allies with every utility nationwide and can help you maximize the incentives and reduce your ROI.


Tax Incentives 

The Energy Policy Act of 2005, also known as EPAct, and a host of other tax credits, are available to help offset the cost of your lighting project.

Currently, EPAct is only available for projects placed in service between 2006 and 2014.  EPAct provides essentially an accelerated depreciation (up to $1.80 per square foot) and can be applied to current or past projects, and credited to the current tax year. The 2015 legislation is pending, so projects completed in 2015 will not currently receive this incentive. Aelux will provide project certification as needed in case Congress approves the incentive for this year. 

The IRS also provides abanodonment credits (which allow the full depreciation of any undepreciated lighitng equipment at the time they are removed) and other incentives. Aelux can provide the appropriate paperwork to allow your organization to take advantage of these incentives. 

Financing Options 

For those customers interested in financing the first cost of their lighting projects, we partner with a variety of firms that can provide financing at competitive rates, using traditional debt financing, leasing, shared savings models, in-rate financing, PACE (depending on your location) and more.  Don't let up-front costs keep you from implementing your lighting project!