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Rebates & Incentives

Rebates and tax incentives can dramatically reduce the first cost of your lighting project. Let our team help you take advantage of all available programs. Learn more.

Before You Begin

Considering a lighting project? Check out our whitepaper first - 7 Essential Guidelines for Every Lighting Retrofit.

Case Studies

Learn more about projects we've completed across all industries and facility types, LED & fluorescent, indoor and outdoor, across the country.



Top 10 Lighting Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about why NOT to do a lighting retrofit. We've busted the top myths we hear most often in our new whitepaper. Click on the icon to download it.




 The T12 Phase-Out

In 2012, the federal government required a phase-out of T12 fluorescent lamps and ballasts. Production has ended and rebates for upgrading are disappearing. Check out our T12 fact sheet for details on what's happening and how to move forward.



 Lighting for Garages 

Options for parking garage lighting have come a long way in the last year, and if you still have old fluorescent or HID lighting, it's worth considering an upgrade. Learn more about the unique needs of garages.