Delaware Lighting Rebates Are Back!

Three years after Delaware’s energy efficiency grant program ran out of funds, the state has reinstituted the popular program, making NOW the best time for Delaware businesses to move forward with energy efficient lighting projects. We know funds have run out before, so move quickly to make sure your project gets funded!

Delaware’s Prescriptive Lighting and Lighting Controls Program offers incentives for a variety of high efficiency lighting technologies, and their rebates are one of the best in the country.  If your business has one or more facilities in Delaware, call us or fill out this form to request a free consultation. We’ll help you identify whether your facility has the opportunity to upgrade lighting systems, save energy and maintenance dollars and earn valuable rebate funds from the state.

The Delaware program offers aggressive rebates for high performance fluorescent and LED technology for interiors, and exterior LED lighting, as well as interior occupancy and daylight controls.

Though aggressive rebates are being offered for both indoor and outdoor retrofits, outdoor rebates are extremely competitive and better than many we come across -- as much as $300 per fixture! Let Aelux manage the rebate application and risk for you. As part of our investment grade audit and proposal process, we’ll show you a variety of options to fit your facility’s needs and will take the value of the rebate off the top of the project cost.

Don’t wait! Now is the time to take advantage of Delaware’s great rebates!

Not convinced you need a lighting retrofit? If you haven’t reviewed your lighting system’s energy consumption in 4 years or more, you’re due.

Here’s just a few of the benefits of upgrading your lighting:

  • Energy efficient lighting and controls reduce energy use and can save you a ton of money on electric bills. A lighting upgrade typically saves between 40 and 80 percent of your lighting energy costs.
  • Newer lighting technologies can provide a more comfortable working environment for employees and improve productivity. The light quality is better and output can be tailored to suit your facility’s specific needs.
  • Newer lighting technologies require less maintenance than older, less efficient technologies, since they last significantly longer in many cases. Outdoor lighting is a great example. Many products are rated at 100,000 hours or more!

Ready for an audit of your facility or want to get more information on Delaware rebates?  Request a consultation by filling out the form on the right and an Aelux representative will be in touch shortly. If you meet the requirements for the Delaware rebates, we’ll apply for the rebate on your behalf. The funds are only available for a limited time, so act fast!