You've probably heard (or even come up with!) a lot of reasons why NOT to do a lighting retrofit. We've heard them all.  Check out our latest whitepaper: Breaking the Top 10 Myths About Lighting Retrofits, where we set the record straight!   

Efficient_LightingFor anyone who has done a retrofit, you know they can be a no-brainer, with ultra-rapid ROIs and tons of incentives available.  For those of you just starting to think about lighting, take a look at the top 10 reasons facility owners hesitate and why now is the time to move forward.


 Things You'll Learn: 

  • Common misconceptions facility owners have about lighting projects
  • Solutions to frequently-mentioned concerns about moving forward with lighting upgrades
  • The benefits of starting a lighting retrofit now, including improvements to productivity, safety, health, the environment and your bottom line








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